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Previous Workshop Participants Comments

"This was a great hands-on workshop! You will get individualized instruction on shooting, composition and post processing, “These guys will take great care of you!”

Tess Kauffman - Death Valley Alumni

Yosemite Workshop Group Photo

Moab & Page Alumni

 “If you want to learn from the best, if you want to receive help whenever… If you want to have to have a fun time and you want a photography workshop with leaders who have a desire to give rather than get, than this is the workshop for you. Jeff, Randy and Rob have the attitude of love and service beyond belief."

Linda Jeffers

Attendees photographing by river

Moab Alumni

“The Moab workshop was 3 days of fun with the best bunch of people you could dream of. I learned light painting with THE Dave Black, learned Lightroom set-up and had my sensor cleaned.“Phenomenal weekend!”

Jack Upchrch

Black and White graphic of a camera

"Adventure packed workshop with well-scouted shooting locals covering a variety of subjects, and tons of practical advice for gear, shooting and processing."

—Chellie Stull

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"My wife Donna and I enjoyed the location and the workshop immensely. Jeff, Randy and Rob were great to work with and had a terrific trip."

—Dave Bliss

Black and White graphic of a  old camera

"Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, this workshop was one of the best experiences of my life. Just beautiful and was so grateful for all the help in capturing it."

—Tracey Dawkins

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This is a wonderful workshop and I’ll be sure to recommend it to anyone interested in hands on training from the best in the field.

—Ruben Perez

Sue Karski

Moab Alumni

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Moab Workshop and Light Painting with Digital Photo Workshops.  They started with an meet and greet and general information night.  We had a diverse group in our backgrounds, but with our desire to learn more about our craft, we worked together very well.


We were up early the next morning for a sunrise shoot.  The instructors were right there providing hints, ideas, and suggestions for placement, camera settings making the first shoot an easy and rewarding experience for everyone in the group.  We then regrouped in the meeting room to have some sessions on photoshop and lightroom, and then we started to work on our photos.


The  instructors were available and willing to assist anyone who needed or wanted help.  The subsequent shoots were coordinated with the same efficiency as the first and everything went smoothly.  Each person was given the opportunity to shoot not only the presented setup but to experience other photographic inspirations.


The highlight of the trip was the instruction by Dave Black on Light Painting in the room and then he led us on the evening hike to Delicate Arch for sunset and light painting. Though a more strenuous hike than I had tackled before, they were right there to accompany me as I pushed up the mountain to the shoot.  Once there, I was not disappointed.  We were provided everything we needed to be able to shoot the light painting and had the opportunity to actually try our hands at it on a grand scale – the arch itself!


They could not have picked a better weekend for this trip.  With clear skies, milky way, and meteor shower, the background for the light painting was completely awesome. The last day we submitted 3 photos for critique.  We were provided information on potential changes to enhance our photographs.

I have come away with lots of memories, lots of great photos, some new ideas and techniques, and having met some wonderful people.”

Black and White graphic of a SLR camera

"See how the pros see a scene and have them help you put pop into an image."

—Chellie Stull

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"This workshop was a great mix of education and fun. It’s great to be able to laugh and learn at the same time."

—Karen Nace

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"A very knowledgable and sociable team with loads of know how."

—Thomas Shrout

Black and White graphic of a camera & Flash

"I wanted to let you know again that the workshop was outstanding and I enjoyed every sleepless moment of it!"

—Joe Duncan

Stu Langrehr

Moab & Page Alumni

Instructor with student by Merced River

"I recently attended a photo workshop by “The Digital Photo Workshops” which is comprised of several highly qualified individuals with many years of hands-on photographic experience and many years of computer post processing knowledge. Each person in the company has worked for other photo training organizations where they honed their skills. And now it’s their turn to provide focused and intense workshops to pass along many years’ worth of knowledge to other aspiring photographers.


They all share several things in common including a love of photography, very personable people skills and excellent communication abilities. While maintaining an activity structure created with considerable effort and personal preview, the workshop is a relaxed and creative place where both group interaction and individual attention is seamlessly provided.  In addition to the core staff, they also include a variety of other professional photographers to share in the instruction. There is no shortage of help available and the learning possibilities will provide an experience equal to what the participant invests. While self-study through books and on-line videos is valuable, this group interaction will provide an accelerated learning experience and a guaranteed expansion of everyone’s comfort zone.


I would highly recommend these workshops to photographers from newbies to experienced. There is always more to learn and ways to improve. With the help from highly motivated, knowledgeable, and personable staff members and other outside professionals, you too can improve your abilities, make new friends and have a great time.  I’ve already signed up for another workshop and will keep an eye on future venues."

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