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Can't Believe I Received My ASP Fellowship!

I received my American Society of Photographers Fellowship last week and could not have been more honored to have this bestowed on me. My wife, Lynn, was on stage to place the ribbon and metal around my neck, and four of my brothers were at the gala to support me. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with two other photographers who also received their fellowships, John Hartman and my best friend, Joe Glyda.


There are a few requirements that can be tough to meet to receive your ASP fellowship. Did I say tough? I mean, one of the hardest things I have ever done. First, there is the paper that details your journey or progress to the images you present. The paper must have a minimum of 2000 words; mind ended up at a little over 3000. The week before it was due, I was informed as the paper was written now, it would not make it. Thanks to a lot of help from my brother Tracy and, more so, his wife Michelle, I could rewrite it in time, and it was a much better story.


Second is the 25 images. The photographs must work as a group of work, stand-alone, and be of impeccable standards. After reading your paper, the judges are taken to a room with all your images hanging on a wall. I had to decide the order of the images and how they would be placed in the three rows. They judge the work as a whole and then look at each photo to see if it meets ASP’s standards. Did I mention that most applicants do not make it on the first try and that I was one of the lucky ones who received it on my first attempt.


This video is from the ASP Gala that was shown before I went up on stage to become a new ASP Fellow. Two of my best friends were asked to make a video for the presentation. I would like to thank Gary Hughes and Bill Barbosa for their kind words and friendship. The video showcases the 25 images I submitted.

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Feb 06

Congratulations Randy! Your images are always the best! And congratulations to John and Joe as well!

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