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JP Morgan Library & Museum

Whenever I travel for a speaking engagement, I try to make time to photograph something cool in that location. This time I was in New York for Photo Plus Expo and I was told about the JP Morgan Library and how cool it was, so I needed this photograph the library. This is actually J.P. Morgan’s Office and library but when you get to the entrance it is a modern building and you think, “This can’t be the place,” but it is.

Once you pay your entrance fee, they will point you to a door off in the corner where you can go inside his library and office, which once inside is very historic looking. You cannot use you tripod, so all the images I took where handheld, although I bet a Platypod would’ve worked. The office were J.P. Morgan work has a large desk, read chairs and looks impressive. The security guards keep a close eye on you and make sure you do not set your camera on anything.

Opposite the office is the library and not just any kind a library it is two stories tall and makes you think you just walked into a Sherlock Holmes movie. All the shots I took were handheld, so you’ll have to push your ISO up high and, in many cases, set your lens f-stop wide open. But I was so impressed and I’m really happy with the images captured from the library.

If you’re in New York, make sure you set aside a few moments for this incredible photographic opportunity.

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