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Take The Prague Metro

If I were to say that I was going to Prague to photograph, you would probably think I would photograph all the historic places and I would. But I had also planned to photograph Prague's subway. While researching locations to photograph in Prague, I came across the subway stations' images and decided to spend one-night riding subway cars.

I wanted to keep the images symmetrical and from close to the same height. I pick a cloudy night, and just not pleasant to be photographing in the center of the city. I set my tripod to a low height and used a Canon 17mm tilt/shift lens on my Sony a7r III camera. When I have shown people some of these images, they ask if I was out photographing late at night, but it was between 8 pm to 10 pm with lots of people around.

To keep people out of the images, I would shoot multiple photos and merge them together to create one image with no people. I had many people give me a weird look and wondering what I was doing, and one homeless man yelling at, and as I don't speak Czech, and I no idea why he was upset.

Each image would take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to capture because I had to wait on subway cars to empty from both sides of the station and people to leave. I was delighted how the images turned out and will keep taking this type of photo in the future.


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