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Photo Plus Expo and a Cathedral

I was in New York City last week for Photo Plus Expo and was invited to the Adobe party a

nd had a great opportunity to photograph St. Patrick's Cathedral. My buddy, Rob Sylvan, and I had decided to go to the Oculus and photograph it after the party We had brought our tripods and camera gear with us not knowing that we were on a rooftop deck overlooking St. Patrick's Cathedral. We were sure glad we had our gear as most of the other partygoers did not bring their cameras or tripods and were jealous of us as we set them up.

I photographed the Cathedral with my Sony a7r II and my 16-30 F4.0 Sony lens, and I needed every bit of it to capture the whole cathedral in the view finder. I wanted to make sure I captured every detail, so I did a five stop HDR to keep my highlights and shadows. After I tone mapped the image in Adobe Photoshop and adjusted in Adobe Lightroom I needed to correct the perspective. This was easily done in Photoshop and I had made sure I gave myself extra room around the edges when I photographed the cathedral so I could do the corrections that where needed.

I really liked how this image turned out and I'm looking forward to getting it printed under acrylic for my office as it reminds me of a time in 9th grade and went to New York to visit.

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